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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam can finally toss away that pesky "Winter 2010" release window to celebrate an official December 21, 2010, launch date. The expansion will also be available a little earlier on PC "exclusively" through the EA Store and Steam on December 18. Not only that, but DICE has rolled out a double dose of good news, noting the free VIP Map Pack 7 will hit on December 1.

VIP Map Pack 7 will include four new(ish) maps, while Vietnam will be a $15 multiplayer expansion with four more maps, along with new weapons and vehicles. Check out the latest trailer after the break.
Jamiman | 30-11-2010 21:53

WooHoo! I might buy Bc2 this xmas if i can find it cheap

Panther | 01-12-2010 00:06

cheap at got mine there for like € 12,-
and this is where we were waiting for yesssss, now somebody tell me where to buy playtime

Jamiman | 11-12-2010 23:21

@ ed, you pay for my food, flights and accomadtion, and i'll come live with you and work for ya all summer

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