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This order of the court in Haarlem, FTD, although the verdict against the case against BREIN at almost all points were wrong.

Download movies and music is legal in the Netherlands. Also offering a "tv guide" about downloads is legal. Uploading and not according to the court encourages FTD uploading to Usenet. This was clear from reports of "spotters" who announced a download. The Kudos system contributed by the court to encourage uploads.

FTD sees no alternative to close the shop, partly due to the high penalties and the costs of an appeal that could take years.

Moreover, the court can enforce that FTD during the appeal to black needs. The judge ruled that all FTD within one month to stop. FTD was founded nine years ago to give downloaders a guide downloads. You could not download directly from FTD.

Currently moving en masse to the new downloaders thorn in the side of Tim Kuik, Spotnet. Spotnet is similar intent as FTD, but works with a decentralized database. Because the database includes itself is stored on usenet and in this way by thousands of servers, and even google groups, it is stored, it is almost impossible to get them offline. Also, the software source code available. Would the creator of the software found he can not get online because the code following a programmer it would simply take over.
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